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Devi Moisturizing Shampoo

Devi Moisturizing Shampoo

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For dry, damaged hair from chemical color treatments, overuse of the hair dryer or just plain air pollution, our ultra- moisturizing restorative shampoo will bring it back to life while leaving it smooth, manageable and healthy.  Replenishes visibly lifeless hair with vitamin E oil, natural shea butter, coconut oil and hydrating castor oil.  Alternate use with our flagship moisturizing shampoo for hair that is always at its best

Ingredients: H20, hydrosol, plant based decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, vegetable glycerine, coconut oil, BTMS 25, cetyl alcohol, D-panthenol, vitamin E oil, L-absorbic acid, essential Oil, Natural Preservatives

PH Balanced


All of our products are packaged in glass. We deliberately avoid contact with plastic in the formulation process.

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Store in your divine sanctuary and enjoy!

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  • Lavender Hydrosol

    Calms an irritated and dry scalp with its anti-inflammatory properties.


    Controls natural oil secretion produced by hair follicles.


    Known for its natural moisturizing properties, lavender hydrosol tends to provide a noticeably silky, smooth texture to the hair after just one use!


    Treats pre mature graying of hair and prevents hair loss.

  • Silk Peptides

    Strengthens hair by adding elasticity to each strand to prevent breakage, making your hair stronger and more resilient.


    Supports hair in retaining moisture and nourishment.


    Repairs dry, damaged hair and split ends.

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

    Mother Earth's natural moisturizer which softly absorbed into each hair strand promoting luscious, silky hair.


    Gently penetrates your hair to illuminate its natural gloss and shine.


    Ultra UV protection from the damaging sun and heat rays. Fractionated coconut oil protects your hair while nourishing and locking in moisture.

  • Essential Oils

    Essential oils are great for winding down and releasing any overwhelming thoughts or stuck energy from the day


    Mood booster


    Mixture of essential oils in a steamy bath is a great way to cleanse your auric field and leave you recharged and reset to conquer your life at your best.


    Reduces stress in the body by relaxing your nervous system and bringing it into a state of balance.

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